Sunday Sitdown: Jennifer Warren, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Sunday Sitdown: Jennifer Warren, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

We're chatting with Sunday Skin Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Warren this evening for our Sunday Sitdown Series. 

Sunday Sitdown takes an inside look at all things aesthetics, skincare treatments, and just breaking the stigma around taking care of yourself. 




Tell us what you do daily or weekly for wellness/to make yourself feel the best! Any tips for someone looking to jump into the skincare or wellness space?

For daily self care, I enjoy taking my dog Lucy for her walks and doing my skincare routine.  I consider my skincare routine as my "me" time and something I do just for myself to maintain healthy skin and feel my best. 

I enjoy yoga, outdoor hikes and walks, and exercise as often as possible. Exercise is the quiet time I need to decompress, energize and clear my mind.  I also enjoy cooking and gardening. 

My advice if you're looking to get into the skincare/wellness space is to start networking! 

Apply to jobs.  Post your resume on Indeed and LinkedIn and share that you're looking for a role in skincare.  Tell your friends in healthcare what you're interested in, you never know when someone else may hear of an opportunity for you.  Also-call offices and see if you can shadow and/or drop off your resume. 


What is your favorite part about your job? Was there something that surprised you about being an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner?

I have more than one favorite part of my job! I love getting to know my patients, talking with them about their skin and aesthetic goals, and provide a space where they can freely be themselves.  My goal in being an aesthetic nurse practitioner has always been to have a patient feeling better after we spend time together.  I also love procedures, injecting and continual learning to be the best provider for my patients. 

I think what surprised me about being an aesthetic injector is the amount of different styles and techniques there are for injecting! I am constantly learning to have more tools in my tool belt, and always will be. 


What is something most people do not know about you?

I am a car enthusiast and I want another convertible someday! If I won the lottery I would definitely have more than one vehicle. 

I remember things I enjoy in great detail and love learning more about them! Art, architecture, music, interior design and fashion!


What is a big misconception around aesthetics that you would like to change?

Most of my friends are already getting skin treatments or having injections such as neurotoxin, filler, and Sculptra done. When I hear the reason that someone is not getting aesthetic treatments done, it typically seems to be out of fear that they won't look natural or like themselves anymore.  I think the best work appears natural and leaves you looking refreshed, well rested, and with healthy radiant skin.  You will not look fake or unlike yourself with a littler filler, Botox or skincare treatments

I also think for some there is a stigma around cosmetic procedures.  I want to aid in changing that, by providing beautiful and natural appearing results.  I do not see the harm in adding something to your routine that makes you feel like your best self!


What is your favorite skincare product?

This is a tough one! I'd have to say for me, it's Retin-A, Retinol or Lytic treatment.  It's a big bank for the buck! By increasing skin cell turnover and aiding in oil production regulation, it helps so many skin concerns.  Acne, pore size, dull skin, uneven skin tone and texture as well as fine lines and wrinkles. 


You can book a consultation with Jennifer or schedule an appointment for Botox or filler. 

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