Sunday Skin Comfort Menu and Why It's Important

Sunday Skin Comfort Menu and Why It's Important

One of the biggest barriers to aesthetics is the idea of pain during a treatment.  We know the idea of needles can be uncomfortable for many people.  Which is why Sunday Skin created a Comfort Menu for every treatment we offer! The comfort menu uses science to help reduce pain during your appointment, making you more comfortable throughout your visit. The Comfort Menu is so important that our patients feel heard, seen and at ease during their treatments.


Our comfort menu is offered to every patient before every treatment. You can choose as many options as you would like-just let our staff know what would make you more at ease during your appointment. Almost all of these options are completely complimentary and helpful in making your experience as enjoyable as possible. 

Sunday Skin Comfort Menu 


Music helps create a relaxing environment and can help distract you during your injections. Studies show that distraction can have a positive effect on pain management!


Need something to hold onto and squeeze? our stress balls are readily available for you!


Our popular beauty bar uses gate control theory through vibration to distract your pain signals while we perform your treatment! One of our patient's favorite options, we offer this to every patient!

4. ICE

Ice can help reduce swelling and bruising but also reduce pain! While we try to offer an ice pack when necessary, always feel free to ask our staff for one on your way out!


Our topical numbing cream is not like any other you've tried! Our owner gets it speciality made from a compounding pharmacy so it's very potent and stronger then other numbing cream for a pain free treatment!

6. DENTAL BLOCK (offered in 2024!)

This pain reducing option is coming as a menu add on in 2024! Keep a lookout and ask one of our providers at your next visit for this option!


Sunday Skin's office is carefully created and styled for your optimal comfort and relaxation. Our clinic offers a relaxing sensation through decor, natural lighting and privacy. Come visit us to experience a treatment at Sunday Skin and see why patients are raving about their experience. Book a FREE consultation and speak with one of our providers about trying out the comfort menu

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