Our newest treatment– meant to leave your skin glowing!

Micro Glow Infusion

Improve pore size, oil control, dryness and fine lines with this hydrating treatment, perfect for getting event ready or to have more radiant skin!

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How It Works To Give You Your Most Glowing Skin

We micro-infuse a cocktail of Dysport, HA filler, and more for a glowy treatment, and offer two Sunday Skin "cocktails" to tailor the treatment to your skin! This treatment is perfect for all skin types and has very little downtime.

Utilizing European technology, the gold plated needle microinfusion device allows targeted treatment of the skin through microinjection of a specialty cocktail made to address multiple skin concerns!

Micro Glow Infusuion Targets + Improves:

✔️ skin texture

✔️ fine lines and wrinkles

✔️ skin luminosity

✔️ pore size

✔️ hydration of skin

✔️ oil production

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