3 Ways to Save on Your Aesthetic Treatments

3 Ways to Save on Your Aesthetic Treatments

In today's beauty-conscious society, the demand for aesthetic treatments is on the rise. However, the financial burden that comes with pursuing these treatments can be a significant concern for many individuals. It's essential to find cost-effective ways to save and enjoy aesthetic treatments without compromising on quality or safety. At Sunday Skin we prioritize affordability while still maintaining the upmost safety and best results for our patients. 

1. Reward Programs

Whether you prefer Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, each neurotoxin maker has a free rewards loyalty program for patients to use.  Each gives you points for every treatment you complete which then translates to money off your next neurotoxin appointment. Each program offers special rewards several times a year such as double points or incentives to combine neurotoxin with dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. 

Alle is the rewards program for Botox.  Free for patients to sign up-our aesthetic coordinators do the heavy lifting for you to make sure you are getting the most from your rewards! We assist with sign up, input your treatments and check your account for any available offers. 

Aspire is the reward program for Dysport. Earn points on Dysport, Restylane or Sculptra-stacking up to big savings! Our aesthetic coordinators will send you the sign up link or track your treatments to help off load the work so you can just enjoy your treatment! 

Xperience is the reward program for Xeomin and Radiesse! You'll get rewards and exclusive access to giveaways + prizes as well!


Not sure what program to sign up for? Our team can help guide you during a free skincare consultation and walk you through all of your cost saving options while determining which program would be best for you!

2. Payment Plans

At Sunday Skin we offer a unique payment plan option for all of your aesthetic treatments! The hefty price tags attached to aesthetic treatments stand as significant barriers for many individuals. Procedures such as cosmetic surgeries, injectables, and laser treatments come with substantial costs, making them unattainable for a vast portion of the population. This financial hurdle can lead to frustration and disappointment for individuals who yearn for aesthetic improvements but are unable to afford them. At Sunday Skin, we value accessibility and genuinely feel that all people should have access to aesthetic treatments, if they desire. 


We offer a payment plan for any aesthetic treatments we provide-Morpheus, Sculptra, injectables, facials and more.  With 0% interest, payments can be as low as $80 per month for your favorite aesthetic treatments.  Spread out the cost of aesthetic treatments-while being able to commit to the procedure same day. This will allow patients to experience a complete and optimal result, while not having the full financial burden of paying for the entire treatment upfront. Patients get an easy way to achieve, maintain and pay monthly for their best look! Learn more here and book your appointment today!


3. Memberships

Memberships offer a loyalty program for patients to have a Sunday Skin savings account as well as access to exclusive discounts, benefits and VIP offers and events! Our Sunday Skin memberships are a patient favorite with over 300 members and growing! Our members save on wrinkle relaxers, lasers, Sculptra and more! Plus it allows patients to "bank" their money and use every dollar towards treatments and skincare while unlocking loyalty benefits!

Sunday Skin offers 4 membership tiers to fit aesthetics into your lifestyle.  Each tier offers benefits and savings, while allowing the patient to decide which option most fits their aesthetic budget. Sound too good to be true? Think again! No hidden fees. You can cancel at any time. We just wanted a way to make aesthetic treatments more affordable for our patients. Learn more about memberships and the different tiers we offer here. You can sign up at any time-in clinic or online! 


Finally, all three of these cost savings options are available to every patient! You can stack rewards, memberships and payment plans for the ultimate savings-while still enjoying the high quality patient experience you expect at Sunday skin. Our core values of affordability, accessibility and affordability drive us to offer the best to our patients, while also valuing price transparency and respecting their aesthetic budget. Call or text the clinic or visit us line to learn more!

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