Sunday Sitdown: Adrienne Branch, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Sunday Sitdown: Adrienne Branch, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

We're chatting with Sunday Skin Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Adrienne Branch this evening for our Sunday Sitdown Series. 

Sunday Sitdown takes an inside look at all things aesthetics, skincare treatments, and just breaking the stigma around taking care of yourself. 


Tell us what you do daily or weekly for wellness/to make yourself feel the best! Any tips for someone looking to jump into the skincare or wellness space?

I prioritize my physical and mental health by making an effort to ride on my Peloton bike 4-5 times per week, whether it be before or after clinic days. This allows me to create space for a quick mental realignment by setting aside 30 to 45 minutes for myself. I also spend each morning walking my puppy, Luka, which allows me to get fresh air and start my day on an energizing note. If you are looking for an initial approach to achieve your wellness goals, I always suggest to family, friends, and patients to start with a simple, achievable task that renews your sense of well-being. Examples could include: completing a 10-minute online yoga workout, morning meditation, or a walk outside.



What is your favorite part about your job? Was there something that surprised you about being an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner?

My favorite part of this job is the continual learning and growth not only as an individual but as a provider at Sunday Skin. I am constantly learning new products, procedures, and techniques in order to refine my skills so that I can provide the best care to my patients. It is so refreshing working with such knowledgeable and devoted women. Prior to beginning my dream career as an aesthetic injector, I did not know the extent of anatomy knowledge and critical thinking that was required in this role. There is nothing more rewarding than combining medicine and the art of aesthetics to provide natural looking outcomes.



What is something most people do not know about you?

Living in a house in the suburbs of Nashville has really opened up opportunities for home renovation projects. Although I do not have a strong background in indoor and outdoor projects, I have recently been spending some of my free time researching DIY projects. My latest projects have included: learning how to mount a TV in our guest bedroom and landscaping the front yard with mulch and flowers. My upcoming project includes learning how to build a fire pit in the backyard.



What is a big misconception around aesthetics that you would like to change?


One of the biggest misconceptions around aesthetics is that the services offered are solely for women. Here at Sunday Skin, we emphasize an approachable and welcoming environment, irrespective of gender association. I encourage clients from all backgrounds and stages of life to explore the services we offer and find what fits his or her skin care goals and budget.



What is your favorite skincare product?

My favorite skincare product is the Epionce Renewal Lite Facial Lotion.


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