The Magic of Full-Face Neurotoxin Rejuvenation

The Magic of Full-Face Neurotoxin Rejuvenation

The Magic of Full-Face Neurotoxin  Rejuvenation

Gone are the days of targeting isolated wrinkles; today, it's about unlocking the full potential of facial radiance through a comprehensive approach with full face neurotoxin. Full-face neurotoxin is not merely a treatment; it's a symphony of rejuvenation, harmonizing each facial feature to orchestrate a youthful, rested appearance. This transformative procedure goes beyond erasing lines; it sculpts, contours, restores balance, and unveils a refreshed canvas of timeless beauty.

1. Understanding Full-Face Botox: 

A full-face neurotoxin treatment entails using neurotoxin injections to address multiple areas of the face in a comprehensive approach. Sunday Skin offers three types of neurotoxin: Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin! All types of neurotoxin work to relax facial muscles, smooth wrinkles, and create a more youthful appearance.

2. Target Areas and Benefits: 

We treat multiple areas with neurotoxin at Sunday Skin! Our most common areas include–

Forehead– Targeting horizontal lines and wrinkles that form with age or repetitive facial expressions.

Glabellar Lines– Addressing frown lines between the eyebrows, often referred to as "11 lines" or "frown lines."

Crow's Feet– Softening the fine lines and wrinkles that radiate from the outer corners of the eyes, caused by smiling and squinting.

Jawline– Reducing the appearance of jaw clenching and slimming the jawline for a more defined look.

Neck Bands– Addressing vertical lines or bands that can develop on the neck, enhancing overall neck aesthetics.

Lip Flip– Relaxes the muscles around the mouth to enhance the appearance of the upper lip.

3. The Science Behind Neurotoxin: 

In normal circumstances, when you make a facial expression, nerve signals travel from your brain to specific facial muscles, prompting them to contract and create the desired movement (like smiling or frowning). These contractions are what cause dynamic wrinkles, such as crow's feet or forehead lines. Neurotoxins are substances that disrupt the normal functioning of nerve cells (neurons) by interfering with neurotransmission, the process by which neurons communicate with each other and with muscles. Therefore, when you receive neurotoxin injections, the nerve signals are blocked and you can no longer contract those muscles. Aka– bye bye fine lines after a period of time!

4. Ideal Candidates and Consultation Process:

The ideal candidate for neurotoxin is truly anyone! Whenever you have fine lines that start to bother you, or if you are interested in starting neurotoxin injections to age gracefully– you can start neurotoxin injections whenever you are ready to! If you are interested in neurotoxin and want to ask questions before you receive the treatment, you can schedule a free skincare consultation with any of our board certified Nurse Practitioners to make a treatment plan and go over any questions you may have. 

5. Longevity and Maintenance: 

After your first neurotoxin appointment at Sunday Skin, you will be asked to come back in for a two week follow-up appointment. We do this to ensure you are happy with your treatment, and provide any touch-up units on us to perfect your dosage! After this, we recommend coming in for your next neurotoxin appointment in 3-4 months. This is a steady, consistent schedule to keep your skin where you want it to be!

In conclusion, full-face neurotoxin rejuvenation has the ability to unlock a youthful glow and enhance overall facial aesthetics. We encourage you to explore neurotoxin as a viable option for achieving your desired look and to book with one of our board certified Nurse Practitioners to find a treatment plan right for you!

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