Sunday Sitdown: Sierra Bratcher, Aesthetician

Sunday Sitdown: Sierra Bratcher, Aesthetician

We're chatting with Sunday Skin Aesthetician Sierra Bratcher this evening for our Sunday Sitdown Series. 

Sunday Sitdown takes an inside look at all things aesthetics, skincare treatments, and just breaking the stigma around taking care of yourself. 



Tell us what you do daily or weekly for wellness? Any tips for someone looking to jump into the skincare or wellness space?


Daily I will prioritize a morning and night skincare routine.  My nighttime routine is really a more in depth skincare treatment to help unwind from the day.  My number one tip when starting skincare or wellness journey would be to start small and then add to it as you go.  Don't overwhelm yourself with too many products at once. 


What is your favorite part about your job? Was there something that surprised you about being an aesthetician?

My favorite parts about the job would have to be helping make people feel good and the creativity I use everyday to stay on top of my game.  There wasn't really anything that surprised me about being an aesthetician only because before I became the provider, I was the client.  I have always loved skincare and have been getting facials for a long time. 


What is something most people do not know about you?

I am very competitive.  I played three variety sports in school and still like to play volleyball/softball on the weekends. 


What is a big misconception around aesthetics that you would like to change?


A big misconception around aesthetics is the mindset of more is more.  That can mean too many products in a routine too too strong of a treatment for someone's skin type. I want to educate my clients on the approach of slow and steady wins the skincare race. 


What is your favorite skincare product?


My favorite skincare product is vitamin c. I love vitamin C because it can be used on almost all skin types. It is a really powerful antioxidant, giving you extended protection against free radicals and pollution. 




Sierra went to Aveda Arts and Sciences in Franklin, TN.  Sierra has been a medical aesthetician for three years and is a Hydrafacial specialist, chemical peel specialist and dermaplane certified. 




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