Why everyone is talking about cell turnover!

Why everyone is talking about cell turnover!

If you started researching ways to take better care of your skin, then chances are you've come across the phrase-cell turnover.  What is cell turnover and why is it important for your skin? Cell turnover is the biological process of removing dead skin cells to make room for newer, healthier skin.  Your body naturally does this daily but some skincare and treatments can speed up this process!

Why does this matter?

Because increasing cell turnover can help with a variety of skin concerns! Not sure you have concerns with your skin? Cell turnover can still be beneficial for basically anyone!

Utilizing this process can help reduce acne, improve fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten and even out the skin tone.  Choosing products that help cell turnover are known to make the skin look more young appearing, brightening the complexion and are core products of a solid skincare routine. 

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As we age, our skin cycle slows down.  Sun exposure, environment and other factors can affect this process as well. By the time we are in our 30s, our skin cycle has reduced significantly.  By accelerating the removal of dead skin cells and stimulating the skin to make newer skin faster, we prevent aging skin, uneven texture, tone and acne. 

What helps promote cell turnover?

First up, products containing AHAs and BHAs (alpha hydroxy acids & beta hydroxy acids).  Look for products containing glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid such as the Revision Brightening Facial Wash

Another popular product that is the gold standard for cell turnover is retinol.  A vitamin A derivative, this is a long standing powerhouse in the dermatology world to help with a multitude of skin concerns.  Retinol can have a big impact even when only using a few times a week.  We love the Revision retinol OR if you have more sensitive skin, the Revision DEJ Night cream has just 0.25 percent retinol but formulated for more sensitive skin or those who typically cannot tolerate a retinol. 

After establishing a solid skincare routine, look to in office treatments to take your skin to the next level.  Microneedling and chemical peels, such as the ZO 3 step chemical peel, are ideal for promoting healthy skin, removing dead skin cells and waking up that cell turnover process.  Not sure if you are a great candidate? Our free skincare consultations can answer all your questions related to in office treatments and individualized a skincare routine for you.  Check out our services page to learn more. 

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