Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Injector

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Injector

Every wonder how to find the right injector for you? You've decided to inquire about injectables like Botox and dermal filler but want to make sure you find someone reputable.  Someone who has treatment outcomes that align with your goals and vision for yourself.  

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Here's a guide to ask the right questions and find an injector that is right for you!


1. How often do you do this? 

Practice makes perfect and your outcomes can be a direct result of how experienced your injector is! You will want to make sure your provider injects and sees patients full time or at least several times a week.  This will be ensure they have perfected their technique, understand facial anatomy, and can guide you to the ideal dosing for you. 


2. Can I see your work?

Injectors typically have a certain style of injecting they practice.  Some providers excel at very natural botox while others may prefer to make their lip augmentation more comparable to Kylie Jenner.  To each their own and every patient has a certain preference.  Ask your injector to see some before and after pictures of previous treatments they've done so you can get an idea of their injection style. Some injectors may post on social media as well! This will give you a realistic vision of their injection technique and if it is what you imaged for yourself. 

3. What type of trainings have you done? 

It is never a bad idea to find out where your injector has trained or what types of trainings they have completed prior to you sitting in their treatment chair! A four hour, one day course is typically not enough to make your injector proficient or capable of handling any post injection risks. Many of the best injectors spend months training prior to seeing patients and then complete continuous trainings throughout the year.  Aesthetics is always changing and new scientific evidence guides the industry towards safer injection techniques. You will want to make sure your injector values continuing education. 


At Sunday Skin, our injectors complete a comprehensive three month training prior to seeing patients and then are required to complete several trainings throughout the year to keep up with the latest advancements.  Additionally, we attend conferences every year to learn about new developments and research so we can provide the best outcomes for our patients. 


Ultimately, to find a competent injector, you will want to ask your friends and family for their recommendations.  Looking at reviews online as well as the companies mission can help you complete your search. Want to learn more about Sunday Skin, visit our About page here or learn more about our provider, Caroline here

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